Bringing solar everywhere

Harnessing technology to power every rooftop across America

At the heart of our mission, we are driven by a singular vision: to bring solar energy to every roof. Starting in United Sates, we are passionate about the future of energy in our society, adapting to the challenges of mixing sustainable, disposable and distributed energy production.

Our journey began as industry insiders, where we witnessed firsthand the challenges and complexities of deploying solar technology. We saw the need for accurate, fast software solutions that make solar companies more efficient. We designed cutting-edge algorithms that optimize panel placement, swiftly calculate the Bill of Materials, and tailor pricing for each project, at scale.

Despite our advancements, one question remained elusive: what truly motivates a homeowner to choose solar? Understanding the factors that influence this decision, how homeowners connect with the right providers, and arriving at the optimal timing for their decision is critical for solar adoption.

To address this, we created Sunny—a state-of-the-art assistant that leverages AI to help solar companies identify prime opportunities, customizing sales approaches to meet the unique needs and preferences of each homeowner. With our patent-pending technology, Sunny stands out as a precise and user-friendly AI assistant that stays continuously updated with the latest data and trends.

Our journey

The first interface

We built our first interface to sell solar storage. When released, our customer increased its revenues a 30% in 48h. We learnt the importance of easy-to-use interfaces to customize the design with the homeowner.

Powered by algorithms

To power a new, more complex app to fully customize solar designs, we developed our sophisticated optimization algorithms: ranging from panel placement, optimal bill of materials, or custom pricing.

All in on AI

We understood that technology helps solar companies be more efficient in their mission. While many solutions focus on making design easier, a question remains elusive: why homeowners choose to go solar?

Today, Sunny is here

After a year of intense R&D, we are ready to introduce Sunny Copilot. The first AI assistant to help solar companies find the best solar opportunities and boost their conversion.

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