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Frequently asked questions

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What is a Solar Score?
A Solar Score is a numerical rating from 0 to 100 that assesses the suitability of a specific address for solar energy installation based on geographical and permit data. A higher score indicates higher potential for successful solar energy adoption.
How are Sales Insights generated?
Sales Insights are generated by analyzing data from millions of homes. We look at previous investments in property improvements, historical adoption of solar solutions, and other relevant factors to provide detailed insights on how to approach potential customers effectively.
Which areas do you cover with the public beta version?
Currently, our public beta version covers around 200 zip codes in California, including Los Angeles and San Francisco. We are aiming to expand to more zip codes in the future.
How current is the data used for generating scores and insights?
Our data is updated every week to ensure accuracy and relevance. We use the latest available information from various sources, including public records, to maintain up-to-date profiles for each address.
Can I integrate this tool with my existing CRM software?
We plan to allow CRM integration of our tool in the paying versions of the product. This allows you to streamline your sales process and improve efficiency.
What makes your tool different from other solar evaluation tools?
Most tools are focused on custom design and generic sales templates. Our tool helps solar companies make more informed decisions and tailor their sales strategies effectively.

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